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About Tony McAleer

Tony McAleer is the author of the book The Cure for Hate and is an international speaker that strives to educate individuals, families, communities, law enforcement, and governments that are struggling to grapple with the White Supremacist movements.  Tony co-founded the not for profit, Life After Hate, an organization that helps people leave White Supremacist movements behind, helping those who are where he once was.

In his youth and early adulthood, Tony was the leader of one of the largest Canadian Neo-Nazi skinhead organizations ARM or Aryan Resistance Movement, and an organizer for the White Aryan Resistance and Aryan Nations. He ran a computerized racist hotline that took him to the Supreme Court of Canada twice, was an articulate Holocaust denier, and built one of the first white supremacist websites for Resistance Records, helping to usher in the Internet Age.

It was a long journey to turn his life around that was inspired by the birth of his daughter and then his son 15 months later. This journey took Tony through over a thousand hours of individual and group counseling that has led to and very deep understanding of how people are drawn into these movements as well as the road out to re-connect with their humanity and society at large.

To help in not only his personal healing but the healing of the communities that he has harmed in the past, Tony regularly gives talks and finds a way to give back, from donating proceeds of his book to regular speaking engagements to foster healing.

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